Rain vs snow

Tonight I was a good girl. I haven’t practiced harp technique drills in over a year. So I decided to pull out my trusty “Harp Exercises for Agility and Speed” by Deborah Friou book and tackle it some of the drills. I was pleasantly surprised! Usually in the past I didn’t care for drills hardly at all. I much preferred learning a new song or arranging. Today, I really enjoyed the mental and physical workout of trying to do the drills first accurately then faster and faster. I’m especially slow in my left hand, in part because the strings are thicker and harder to pluck than the right hand, not to mention that I’m right-handed.

This fall and winter has been extremely unusual weather-wise around here. All the trees turned colors much later than usual. Here are a few pictures from November.

Usually by now we have quite a bit of rain, sometimes for weeks. This year, I think the last time it rained was early November, if not in October.

Not that I’m complaining TOO much. For the most part I hate dislike the rain. Rain is only good for when you can listen to it while at home, curled up in your favorite chair, in front of a cozy fire with a good book, and a cup of hot cider. Otherwise, it’s obnoxious. Your hair and clothes get soaked and totally destroyed after spending a couple of hours of preparation. You walk in a puddle and soak your feet through your shoes. A light drizzle isn’t bad, but a downpour is miserable to run in. I could go on…but I think you get the picture.

I much prefer love the snow. Granted, snow is a pain to shovel (especially a three wide, two deep driveway), it’s very cold to walk in, and it can melt into slushy soup and get your socks wet just like rain can. But, overall I would take a dozen snowstorms over rain anyway. Missy hates the rain, but just loves the snow. She goes crazy and runs all over the place like a mad-dog. She’ll even chase (and catch!) snowballs; loving to eat them. Snow even looks better than rain in photography. I also think it’s absolutely breath-taking when it’s snowing.  Something about the absolute stillness in the midst of a snowstorm just can’t be matched.

Yes, this mini diatribe has a point to it. I’m wanting LONGING for snow. It’s December after all, and about time for a good dumping of several feet of the white stuff. Canada has forever spoiled me. I just don’t want six months of it. I know, I’m picky.

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