I kicked my own butt

I made the stupid mistake of doing ALL the exercises on my workout list yesterday. It felt so good to be weight training and pushing my body that I didn’t want to stop. Today, it’s paying me back in spades. All those trusty muscles that I count on everyday but have been sadly neglected of late have screamed at reminded me of their presence. Pesky things. A little note to self: Don’t overdo, you’ll regret it the next day (or two or three).

Somehow I haven’t really learned that lesson yet. I tend to go overboard and kill myself, whether working out or practicing the harp or horseback riding. So today I took a day off to let my body rest and recover from the torture I put it through. Tomorrow I’m thinking about joining the spin class after work and see how I like it. It’ll give my upper body another day off, while still getting in some cardio.

Tonight though, I’ve just been chilling in front of the computer watching a movie with my new candles. I love holiday candles!

Of course I had to get this one

This one makes me hungry!

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