New digs for Danube

With Autumn finally arriving, and the days getting colder, my poor Betta was starting to slow down. My little 1 gallon bowl had a heater, but it just couldn’t keep the temperature up where my little tropical fishy needed it.old tank

After much research, I decided to upgrade to a 10 gallon tank. I could’ve went with a smaller setup, but that means that I would have to constantly do water changes because a filter would be too strong. So I waited until the local money black hole pet store had a great deal and got a sweet new tank-1


I love the light setup I chose. I decided not to go with an incandescent or florescent bulb and picked out a LED light bar instead. Not only does it save on energy and cost of replacement bulbs, but I can switch from bright white for daytime to moonlit blue for the night. new tank-1-2

I also was able to have nice little filter in there that is super quiet and will help me keep the tank clean without changing the water all the time.


Poor Danube is a little unsure with all this new space, so he’s hiding. I’m sure that he’ll come out and do much more swimming once he get’s comfortable. Down the road I’m thinking I might add some Cardinal Tetras to the tank. They like to swim mid-level (while Betta’s like the top) so everyone should hopefully get new tank-1-3along. Danube hasn’t really used his floating Betta log yet, but I’m sure that will become one of his favorite spots once he “spreads his fins.”

new tank-1-4

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