Battle of Tuscan Ridge

Last year I was privileged to attend a small Civil War reenactment held at a local golf course. It was the first reenactment that I’ve ever gone to, and I had such a great experience. I’m bummed that I can’t attend this year (it’s on a Saturday). Maybe someday I’ll get to attend to one of the huge ones back east on an actual battleground.

From the deafening boom of the cannons to the subtle details in the camps, everything immersed me in the time and period and made me come away from the “battleground” deep in reflection.

I could smell the acrid hazy smoke from the cannon fire and imagined it multiplied by a hundred more. A lot of the actors were very young, and I wondered about the young boys (and some girls! About 400 some say.) that left their farms and homes and fought against neighbors, relatives and fellow US citizens. How could they reconcile their love for family, friends and God and then turn around and kill without thought or conscience? I’m not saying they were wrong, but that it must have been unimaginably difficult and heart-wrenching. I’m glad that I don’t have to make that choice.

I was able to grab lots of neat photos throughout the day. My favorites are the ones that tell a story. Of either the people or the struggle against each other and to survive. Although I took all the photographs in full color, I feel they really come alive when transformed into sepia and an “aging” process. I hope you enjoy.

battle of tuscan ridge paradise-1-2

battle of tuscan ridge paradise-1-7

battle of tuscan ridge paradise-1

Some things around the camp were really neat to take photos of.

battle of tuscan ridge paradise-1-3

battle of tuscan ridge paradise-1-4

battle of tuscan ridge paradise-1-5

battle of tuscan ridge paradise-1-6

battle of tuscan ridge paradise-1-9

battle of tuscan ridge paradise-1-10

battle of tuscan ridge paradise-1-11

battle of tuscan ridge paradise-1-12

battle of tuscan ridge paradise-1-16

battle of tuscan ridge paradise-1-18

After countless tries, I FINALLY managed to capture the fire from the cannon.

battle of tuscan ridge paradise-1-20

battle of tuscan ridge paradise-1-22

battle of tuscan ridge paradise-1-23

This photo of the cavalry horse always really touches me. Loyalty is not limited to those wearing the same uniform.

battle of tuscan ridge paradise-1-24

battle of tuscan ridge paradise-2

There wasn’t any blood, but seeing boys and men crumpled on the ground still brings a lump to my throat.

battle of tuscan ridge paradise-1-26

battle of tuscan ridge paradise-1-8

This is my favorite photo. I really feel like this young man could have stepped out from the pages of the history books. I guess maybe he did.

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