Okay, so it’s only day two of going to the gym. I CAN’T STOP! It might just be the novelty of it, but I LOVE the feeling of a good workout and the way my muscles feel. So today I ran a bit wishing I could do more. I am so out of shape that I have to take it easy and gradually work my way back to run the time/distances that I was doing this summer. My knee just can’t handle any sudden and large increases. I have to baby it or it starts griping at me. So fine, I’ll baby it.

I ran intervals of 4 minutes with 4 minutes of recovery walk in between runs. Then I hopped on the bike for some low impact leg workout for about 20 minutes. Then three sets of 10 bicep and triceps and I was ready to cool down and head home for some food.

Okay, I admit it. I did have a few of these sweet little things before hitting the gym for some fuel. I would have never survived if I didn’t put something into my stomach.


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