Bucket list

I haven’t ever seen the movie The Bucket List, but I always have had an informal “bucket list” wandering around in my head. Not because I’m going to die, but a list of things I would like to accomplish at some point in my life. I had made out a list back in the beginning of the year, and I thought that I should share what’s on MY bucket list.

This list isn’t in any particular order.

Bucket List

  1. Learn German
  2. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail (Partially  completed Sept 2013)
  3. Pay for a stranger’s groceries
  4. Run a sub 30:00 minute 5k
  5. Live abroad
  6. Own and ride in a horse drawn sleigh during snowfall
  7. Stay in a fancy suite at a fancy hotel
  8. See Machu Picchu
  9. See a bristlecone pine. Then I would have seen the oldest (bristlecone), largest (sequoia), and tallest (coastal redwood) trees on earth.
  10. Trace my Cherokee heritage.
  11. Visit Tahiti
  12. Visit “Pemberley” aka. Lyme Park
  13. Go on a camping trip with Missy
  14. Read the whole Bible
  15. Go on a short solo backpacking trip
  16. See a Civil War reenactment at one of the civil war battle of tuscan ridge-1battlegrounds
  17. Go on a foreign mission trip again
  18. See Orcas in the wild (June 2012)
  19. Go on a multi-day kayak trip
  20. Be debt free
  21. Run a half marathon
  22. Read a thousand books
  23. Have a collie or sheltie (October 2012)RNP-79
  24. Own my own home
  25. Go sailing
  26. Camp in Alaska
  27. Go on a cruise
  28. Visit Jane Austen’s house
  29. See a wolf in the wild
  30. See the pyramids at Giza
  31. Bake bread from scratch
  32. Visit Sweden
  33. Visit Scotland
  34. Own a professional camera
  35. See a Mayan or Aztec pyramid
  36. Watch the sun rise from a beach on the East Coast
  37. Bike 100 miles in one day
  38. Become Freshly Pressed on wordpress.com
  39. Get married
  40. Run a marathon
  41. Get one of my photos published
  42. Go on a safari in Africa
  43. Visit all the National Parks (10 out of 58)
  44. Drive a sports car (a corvette would be wonderful!)
  45. Hike Yosemite Falls (July 2012)FB pictures-4
  46. Own a horse
  47. Become a mother
  48. Visit all 50 states (17 out of 50)
  49. Vacation in Maine
  50. Go on a multi-day back packing trip.
  51. See the Southern Lights
  52. Go skinny dipping
  53. Visit Pompeii
  54. Publish a children’s book
  55. Try snowboarding
  56. Fly a plane
  57. Own and play an Alpenhorn
  58. Snorkel/SCUBA in the Great Barrier Reef
  59. Visit Rome
  60. Run in an race with my dog
  61. Visit where my grandfather was shot down over France in WWII
  62. Do an endurance ride (50-100 miles) on horseback
  63. Try snowshoeing
  64. Record music
  65. Be able to land a decent sized jump on snow skis
  66. Attend the Olympics
  67. Participate in Dog Agility
  68. Grow a bonsai tree
  69. Go to a 49’ers game
  70. Fall asleep in a hammock on a beach (sounds like a good honeymoon idea!)
  71. Create a website
  72. Hike Mt. Lassen Lassen August 2009 077
  73. Mush a dog sled team
  74. Get a bull’s-eye in archery
  75. Own the complete work of Chopin (sheet music)
  76. Lose a few dress sizes before my HS reunion
  77. Own the complete work of Chopin (cd’s)
  78. Visit Patagonia
  79. Watch an animal give live birth
  80. See the Great Wall of China
  81. Fly first class
  82. Visit the Lincoln Memorial
  83. Visit a spa
  84. Sleep on an overnight train
  85. Serve as a missionary for 6 months to a year
  86. Sleep in a hostel in Europe

So that is my list for now. I know that I’ll cross things off, and probably add a few as life fluctuates.


What is on YOUR “bucket list?” Which ones of mine would we share?

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