Sometimes God laughs at me

This week has been full of ups and downs and crazy bucking bull-riding twists along the way. I make plans for the week and sometimes I think that God just shakes his head at my plans and hopes I have strength enough to bear it.

Sunday started out great. Got up early, had a quick fueling breakfast and jumped in the car to head to the gym for a energizing workout. I decided that I would travel further up the mountain to see how far up the snow line was from the previous storm, before going to the gym. Note to self: spontaneity doesn’t always have a positive outcome!

I drove up past the next few towns/collection of buildings and started on the new paved road that was finished this summer. Well, I had seen some snow, but not a huge amount and the road was paved and clear so continued on. This summer, I traveled this road a few times and complained about how it was not banked at all properly. Suddenly my car hit some black ice on a turn and since the road isn’t wide, I hit the snow covered dirt bank in the ditch.

Now, I felt pretty lucky at that point because the other option was to hit a 2-3 foot pole sticking up out of the snow (and probably shredding my vehicle) or going down into a stream/culvert. So God, as always, saved me and put me into the best and safest option possible.

I didn’t necessarily come squeaky clean out of my escapade. Hitting the bank at the angle saved me from going into the culvert, totaling my car, being stuck, and REALLY up a creek (pardon the bad pun), BUT it did crack the front bumper/fender right in front of my front driver’s side wheel. So now I am safe and sound, but have a jury-rigged front bumper with a bungee cord strapped around it to keep it from flying around.

Then, just a few days later part of one of my molars decided to chip away while eating breakfast. Cheerios are supposed to be a little crunchy, but not THAT crunchy. The dentist awaits my hard-earned cash on Tuesday, and myy bank account weeps in anticipation.

Now here is where God laughs at me. I had started doing my taxes and found out that I was going to be getting more back than I had thought. As a result, I had mentally started thinking of all the grand things that I could use that money for (besides the necessary repair/replacement of my desktop computer). Then God laughs at my plans and says “Okay, I thought you wanted to learn contentedness?”

I hate learning things the hard way.

PS. I did enjoy the inch of snow we got on Sunday afternoon. It was so pretty coming down! I just wish that we had more of it. Oh shoot, here comes that contentedness lecture again…

The photos are SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera) since my laptop can’t handle any photo editing software.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes God laughs at me

  1. Oh wow… I’m sorry these things happened… when it rains it sure pours…or snows! But Praise God you are okay and that you have the tax money will help…Praise God!! πŸ™‚ We need to get together again soon! πŸ™‚ Take Care!! πŸ™‚


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