Birthday parties and cloudy canyons

Saturday I went to a friend’s 38th birthday party. I’ve never been to a costume party before (I don’t celebrate Halloween), and this was such a fun one. Because I’ve never had the need for a costume, I had no clue what to wear. Then I decided I could wear my scrubs and use a stethoscope from work and go as a nurse.

There was a ton of good food, cookies and pumpkin pie.

The colors are really great!

There can never be too many chips!

Mmmmmm! Pizza buns. So good and one is never enough.

Hummus. So good.

Such a fun evening!

Nov 21. Thankfulness

I am thankful for storms coming in. There is a bit of an explanation with this one. Personally, I only like winter storms IF they bring snow. I pretty much detest rain (except once or twice a year). Most of the time I can’t stand it being overcast and gloomy, unless I can sit a home and read a good book with a cup of tea or cider.

I’m trying to learn contentment and I realized yesterday that I couldn’t get amazing  pictures of clouds and weather if it weren’t getting ready to storm. So I’m thankful that the sun was hitting those beautiful stormy skies and that my mom was willing to pull over (again) to let me take some pictures.

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