New home, new job


I started my new (temporary) job on December 17, 2018 at an optometrist group. It’s full time until my office is back up and running in Paradise, once they get everything cleaned and gas and internet services are restored. It took me a few days to get used to a new computer system, and a few different machines, but it’s nice to recognize most of the job. It’s also a bit of a commute from where are FEMA trailer is located, about 50 miles and a hour’s drive. So I get to work around sunrise, and leave around sunset.

We’re settling into RV life quite well after a few funny hiccups. The first night in the FEMA trailer, we went to turn on the heater and a nasty smell starts up and the smoke alarm starts screeching, the dog begins to bark like crazy, and the cat dives into his crate, running for his life. We quickly turn off the heater and decided to wait until morning to figure out what’s going on; the last thing we need is a fire. After I crawl into bed, I’m so cold that my teeth are chattering and I can’t stop shivering.

I abandon that idea and crawl into bed with my mom who has a electric heated throw. Come to find out the next morning, I had put the rubber kitty litter mat accidentally over the floor vent. Face palm moment. The heater works just fine. We also learn how finicky RV toilets can be. Enough said.

Kitty has settled in as well and loves to sleep on my bed in the sunshine, or watch the warblers flit in the bushes outside. Missy had a bad bout of Pancreatitis shortly after the Camp Fire while we were still in the hotel down in Sacramento, but the good vets at Blue Ravine Animal Hospital have gotten her feeling better, and she has been her happy self the last few weeks.


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