A Tough Year

I didn’t think that 2018 could be any worse than 2017, especially since I lost my sister Thanksgiving of 2017. This year did have good things in store for me, though. I joined CrossFit and I really enjoyed the challenge of getting fit. I had two piano students, brothers that are as cute as pie and very talented too. I added some upgrades to my car, such as a hitch, and back up camera. My professional life was going well.

Things that didn’t go so well, included the death of my coworker who had been with our office for over 30 years and was like a grandmother to us all. I miss her infectious laugh, spunky personality and kind and generous heart. We also had a lot of personnel changes at work and it has been challenging to keep up  while we are training new people. The upside is that we’ve gotten some really awesome coworkers that have become friends.

Then came November. I had been sort of dreading November because it would be the one year anniversary of Lisa’s passing but nothing prepared me for the morning of November 8. That day the Camp Fire broke out and changed our lives forever. We lost our home that day, our town lost most of the structures, and we lost our tight-knit community that embodied the small town feel. My office made it, and my boss’s house, so we are hoping to be able to start-up again at some point. My biggest fear is that with the majority of town gone, there won’t be enough patients to support full-time work. For now, I’m on unemployment, our insurance has us in a hotel 2 hours away, and we have our pets. I will write in more detail about that terrifying day, but right now it’s too raw, too close to be able to put in words just yet.

Please pray for us as we try to figure out what our new normal is and the next step.


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