CrossFit, 2 weeks in

I’ve now completed my first 2 weeks of regular CrossFit classes. I’m only able to go twice a week because I’m just too sore to go sooner! That, and I don’t do classes on Friday nights or Saturdays because of Sabbath, so I typically go on Monday night, then again on Wednesday or Thursday nights depending on my schedule and sore factor. I’ve been loving the classes and the coaches are great. It’s a husband and wife team that usually teach the evening classes and they are both awesome. Encouraging and pushing me to my full potential, but not pushing me beyond what my body can handle as I learn the moves and teach my muscles to grow. Of course, all the other people in the classes are extremely friendly and encouraging as well, I feel like I know them after only a few classes together. They’re my CrossFit family!

Spring is fighting its way early this year I think. The daffodils are out in most places and a number of trees are blossoming already. The temperatures have been warm and actually recording breaking. Don’t get me wrong, I love spring with its stunning displays, but we really didn’t get a winter either! It didn’t rain hardly at all this winter and it sure didn’t snow. I think that the ski ergonomics that I’ve been doing at CrossFit maybe will be the closest I get to skiing this year. If I didn’t love my job and my friends here, I’d seriously consider moving to a place that snowed at least a few times a year.

On a side note, I’ve noticed that my acne has been worse lately and I couldn’t figure out why for the longest time. At first, I thought it might be from working out while I still have my makeup on, or that I’m sweating more in my workouts, but it hit me last night as to the true cause. Sour cream! Mom bought a tub of sour cream as a treat to go on baked potatoes last week and we’ve had it a couple of times since then. She’s mildly lactose intolerant but hasn’t had much trouble recently with baked potatoes and sour cream at Wendy’s and such, so she thought she’d give it a try again at home. She instantly had intestinal trouble the first night and remarked to me that the flavor seemed to be much stronger than the sour cream from Wendy’s. So I think that the brand of sour cream is heavier on the lactose than other brands.

I know that when I stay away from dairy, my skin is much happier. I can get away with small amounts without too many repercussions, but my skin the last two weeks has been so bad and I really think it’s due to the strong sour cream and I’m going to lay off that brand and try something else if we do get sour cream again. I know Lactaid has a sour cream that we might try, but it might be a while before we try it because we really do try to stay away from all dairy as much as possible (besides the occasional ice cream!), just because it’s so much more healthy for us that way.

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