ER visit, round 2

Last Sunday night, Mom was coughing so hard that she fractured a rib. She hurt way too bad to try to go in the car to the ER, so I called 911 and the cute firemen showed up along with the EMS. I followed along behind the ambulance, and waited with Mom in the ER for x-rays and pain meds.

The nurse and ER doctor were great and gave Mom a shot of heavy duty painkiller and anti inflammatory to help. That really helped with the pain, unless she had to cough again. The painkillers she received would wear off just before the local pharmacy would open, so I had to drive Mom down the hill to the 24 hour pharmacy in the city.

I picked up her meds, and by this time it was around 3:30 am and there was a sketchy guy in a black hoodie hanging around the front of the store and peering into cars. I had one of the store clerks walk me out to the car, and he told me that the guy had just been into the store, grabbed a bunch of stuff and walked out. When the clerk asked if he was going to pay for it, the guy just looked at him and kept walking. After I started to drive away, I saw the guy in the hoodie joined by three others on bicycles around the corner of the store doing a drug deal. I’m so glad that I don’t live in the city! Our little town has enough problems as it is.

I finally made it to bed at 5 am, set my alarm for 7 am so I could text my supervisor that I would need to sleep for a few hours and would be in to work in the afternoon. I slept for a few more hours, but it still was a long afternoon. Over the next few days I lived on Mt. Dew. My local convenience store didn’t have my favorite flavor (the blue one), so I tried a different flavor, Black Label. I really liked it! It wasn’t so sweet, and tasted more like an energy drink without the crazy side effects and harsh aftertaste.

I caught up on my sleep today, and the place I was pet sitting had a fantastic cozy fire to curl up in front of. I hope to go for a walk with Missy tomorrow morning, and hit the gym for a leg workout. I’m trying to get my legs ready for the snow, especially since the resort finally got enough snow to open. I can’t go next weekend, because I’ll be pet sitting again, but hopefully soon. I was too tired this week after all that happened, and too worried about Mom to try to go to CrossFit. Monday!

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