Getting back in the groove

After the flu last week, which I’m grateful to the flu shot for a lighter case of the flu, I went back to work on Wednesday. Thursday morning, my mom called me at 1:20 in the morning wanting me to take her to the ER. She was having trouble breathing and was vomiting because of the chronic, violent cough. I groggily got out of bed and put the dogs I was pet sitting out into the enclosed porch and rushed home to take her in. On our way to the ER, I noticed a car pull up behind me and get REALLY close to my tail. I know that cops will sometimes do that at night to read the license plate and to see how many people are in the car. I didn’t slow down, I was only going five to ten miles over the speed limit anyway. When I turned off the road into the entrance of the ER, the cop kept going. We parked in the ER parking lot, and as we were walking towards the entrance, I noticed the cop had pulled into the second entrance and swung through the parking lot and passed us. I had to laugh, he was just making sure I wasn’t trying to ditch him by pulling into the ER. Nope! I was just trying to get there before mom had to vomit again.

After spending from about 2:30 to 8:00 at the ER, they finally sent us home with a diagnosis of pneumonia. I settled mom in at home, went back down to town to pick up her meds, and delivered them at home before going back to the house where I was staying to catch a couple of hours of sleep before dragging myself to work with a bottle of Mt. Dew in tow for the afternoon. I went to bed early both Thursday and Friday nights, and spent most of Saturday sleeping.

Today, I feel like a normal person again! I’m still not completely back to the same level of fitness before I got sick, but I’m almost there. I took Missy for a walk this morning for 1.76 miles at a slow-moderate pace. I normally cruise along at a good clip, but I didn’t have the energy for that sort of thing today. Before driving home, I stopped at the gym for a quick quad workout before coming on home again. The mountains around here are finally getting some snow, so I need to get my legs in shape so I can hit the slopes. I won a free ski/snowboard rental and a free lift ticket to a local resort, and I can’t wait until they have enough snow to open.

I wasn’t too impressed by these leggings that I ordered from Amazon. They had good reviews, but I kept on having to pull them up every few minutes because they wanted to sag down. I’m bummed that they didn’t work very well because they do have great pockets on the side of the thighs for my cell phone or keys. Oh well. On a good note, I did find at Walmart two more pairs of Avia leggings that I love in grey that do have the pockets. There is something about this particular brand that holds everything in well without sliding down or the waistband rolling. This style has my beloved side pockets on them, so I grabbed two pairs!

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