Being More Grateful in 2014

A Different Kind of New Year’s Resolution

For 2014 I want to try something new. Something that will truly challenge me and make me a different person. I came across a website called 365 Grateful where the authoress had taken a photo of something that she was grateful for everyday of the year.

My Own Project Grateful 365

I thought that this would be a great idea, something new and different and something that will push me out of the box.

I won’t be posting on here everyday, but I will post a recap once a week. For the most part, I’ll be taking the photos with my iPhone, so the quality won’t be top of the line, but it is a camera that I have with me everyday, and everywhere.

I also decided to start on New Year’s Eve so I can finish the 365 days in time for new project next year. So here is the beginning of Project Grateful 365 and I hope that you follow along (and possibly join me?) as I spend a year learning how to be more grateful.


I’m grateful for parties with friends.

Phase 10
Phase 10



I’m grateful for my riding partner, Honey.


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