Vacation – San Juan Islands, part 4

Vacation  – final recap

After our whale watching tour of 5 hours, Bethany and I headed into Burlington for a celebratory dinner at Olive Garden.

You see, we have the same birthday! We figured this out after being roommates at college for a few months. At a hall worship one evening, the RA went around the room asking when our birthdays are. Bethany and I were sitting next to each other and when it came to Bethany’s turn, I was amazed when she said June 21st. I then piped up with “That’s my birthday too!” So it’s rather fun to call, and wish each other a happy birthday. (I’m a year older if you’re wondering.)

san juan vacation-1-29

I had a Olive Garden gift card from work for my birthday, so we were able to splurge. (Thank you Eye Life!) We ordered a fabulous appetizer of Smoked Fonduta: Oven-baked smoked mozzarella, provolone, parmesan and romano cheese. Served with Tuscan bread. It was amazing, and it’s hard not to get full on just the cheese, bread and breadsticks. I decided to forgo the salad so I could eat my whole entre. Bethany ordered the Five Cheese Ziti al Forno, and I ordered the Cheese Ravioli. Because all of the food was so good, I ended up stuffing myself silly.

san juan vacation-1-28

After waddling out of the restaurant, we decided to drive back to Rosario State Park to watch the sunset from the beach and bluff. One thing I love about being further north, is having daylight for so long in the summer. With it setting around 9:20 pm, we had lots of daylight to explore and enjoy summer in the San Juan Islands.

san juan vacation-1-26

san juan vacation-1-27

san juan vacation-1-30

san juan vacation-1-31

I sure hated leaving the beautiful San Juan’s and Bethany. I’ll just have to go back again soon!

If you missed the previous parts of my vacation recap, you can find them here. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

On a side note

On the long drive home the next day, I pulled off the freeway  in southern Washington onto a side road to find a shaded spot to answer the call of nature. As I wandered down a path into the woods, I came across an injured young dog. He was a Rottweiler (maybe mixed with something else?). He was just curled up on the ground in a heap and didn’t move at all. I could see a big gash on his shoulder.

I went back to the car and called 911 and reported it so animal control could get him some help. I also took along a bowl from my camping supplies and gave him some water. He was really thirsty! I didn’t want to give him something to eat, because he might’ve had internal injuries. He was a really sweet dog, but nervous. Once he drank the water, he wasn’t as nervous anymore. I didn’t try to touch him though, because you never know with a strange, injured dog.

After an hour the animal control lady showed up and we helped him from his hidey-hole spot in the woods to her van. He could walk, but had a hard time putting any weight on his injured shoulder. She was really thankful that I stayed (911 didn’t want me to), because she would’ve never found him.

I’m just really thankful that God showed me the right spot to pull over (I had missed the rest stop earlier). It felt great to help save a sweet dog from sure starvation and death. I hope he is doing okay and maybe even found a home by now.

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