Internet is a wonderful thing

Phew! Almost two months later, three modems, multiple phone calls, and a good deal of patience used up, I have working internet again. Apparently there were multiple problems with the wiring both outside the house and within, so at least now I know that it isn’t something that I did or didn’t do.

Saying all of that, I don’t have my computer back yet. But that means something; my computer IS coming back! I’m very excited that it’s working properly again with minimal financial cost. A big humungous thank you to my wonderful big brother who helped whip my beast into shape, as well as my sweet sis-in-law for negotiating and calling me with all the status updates and brainstorming my forgotten password! I owe you guys BIG.

More good news! Don’t you like it when I have more than one piece of good news in a post? I’m happy to report that the countdown has begun and Vacation Time (VT) has officially reached the one week away mark. I’m planning on driving up to visit my friend Bethany in Washington (state, not city) and spend a few days with her playing in the San Juan Islands.  I do hope and pray that we don’t get constant rain though. I can’t wait to see and explore this pretty part of the Northwest. Beautiful photos will hopefully follow!

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