Being productive

Sundays are my “get stuff done” day. I usually try to get up at a decent hour to get a jump-start on all the projects that I just don’t have time for during the week. Today’s big project was to get my room clean and work outside in the yard.

I got both done, and even had some time to plant my new succulents.

They are just about the only plants that I can handle. Previous plants it was either feast or famine when it came to watering. These hardy guys can handle when I forget to water them.


I think I’m starting to get addicted to trail running. I don’t mind too much when I have to run on the treadmill (although it can get a bit boring). Running on the road is interesting, but can be tough because of all the hills. Trail running though, is starting to really excite me.

For one thing, I can take Missy along with me and let her off leash. She LOVES this. Sometimes (especially on the way back) she runs besides me. Sometimes she runs a bit ahead and when she gets too far she circles back to make sure I’m coming. She even got to chase the wild turkeys today.

Trail running is also a bit easier on my knee. Although there is quite a bit of downhill, the ground is way softer than the road. I also like one particular stretch of the trail, it’s nice and wide and slightly hilly. Not any monster ups or downs.

All in all, I can easily see why this is a popular sport and I’m very intrigued for my self. The only problem is that the best long trails are a drive away. I have run the local trail that is a few blocks from my house, but the best part of the trail isn’t very long, and if I take an offshoot to join another trail it narrows down, and turns into hilly climbs and descents. Which is a little more than I can handle at this point. Maybe in the future I will be able to handle it.

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