A new member of the family

WHEEE!!! I’m so excited!!!

That’s right, I joined a gym today. Finally, after years of ogling and yearning, I joined the local gym. I haven’t belonged to a gym since college (and that was a pretty small affair, and quite inexpensive) so this feels like a huge step for me!

A few of my coworkers go there so I already have plans to meet up with them a few days a week to work out and perhaps do a class or two together. Unfortunately most of the classes are held during the bulk of the day when I have to do that thing called work. There are a few things that are fun though after work and I could always drag my butt out of bed for the 5:30 am spin class. Even if I don’t do a class, just to be able to go running when it’s dark and rainy out is amazing


What gym class is your favorite? Which one do you recommend for me?

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