Thanksgiving was really great. Mom and I went to my boss’ house for the feast. It was amazing how many people we could get in there! They had close to 25 people, but there was still more than enough food to go around, even leftovers.

So much food!

A fake turkey that my friend concocted. He used lumps of stuffing for the main portion of the turkey, and veggie turkey loaf for the drumsticks and sculpted the outer layer with pastry dough. Very ingenious and a fun way for all of us vegetarians to get a realistic looking veggie turkey.

Here are some of the vegetarian turkey loaf that we buy and eat copious quantities. It is SO good. When non-vegetarians try it, they are always amazed at how good it tastes. Of course it doesn’t taste or have the texture of real turkey, but it still tastes yummy in its own way. Mmmmmmm!!!!

After dinner we played a bunch of games, including Dutch Blitz and Run Set Rummy.

A wonderful Thanksgiving. Wonderful food, wonderful friends.

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