Helping Hands

Wow, what a day. Nov 16 Thankfulness. Today I’m thankful for angels in human form and people who listen to God’s direction.

So I knew that my gas was getting a bit low, but I didn’t realize HOW low. I was going to fill up completely tomorrow morning when I got my paycheck. Well, I didn’t make it home. My car ran out of gas on the way back. I pull over and put on the flashers and I ended up near where one of my coworkers live.

A wee bit nervous, I call my mom at home and no one answers, so I leave a very apprehensive message on the machine, and try calling back six times. I try her cell phone. She doesn’t have it on. I finally try my dad’s cell phone but he is all the way in Chico and would take a while to get to where I’m at. I then get out and walk down to my coworkers house, and all the lights are on but no SUV in the driveway. Bummer. Now what? Well, as I was standing in her driveway trying to figure out what to do, Pastor Mary calls my cell phone to verify my mom’s home phone number. I plead in a slightly panicky voice for help from her. Pastor Mary immediately offers to help and call someone locally to come help.

She calls someone from church and he comes up to where I’m stranded with a borrowed gas can with a bit of gas in it. It’s enough to get me going and up to the gas station which is less than a quarter of a mile away. While I was waiting for him to come, my mom decides to call and tell me that she will be home late because she needs to stop at Safeway to pick up a few groceries but immediately changes her plan to come sit with me so I won’t have to sit in the dark all alone.

When mom and I get home, mom calls Pastor Mary back regarding an appointment and Pastor Mary tells my mom that she had been making a ton of phone calls (including one to our home phone leaving a message for my mom) and decided to take a break for a few minutes at her desk when God told her to “call Christy.” A little puzzled, she decided not to argue but proceeded to call at the EXACT moment I needed some help. Okay God, your timing is perfect, even in dumb situations I get myself into. So the biggest thing I’m thankful for is faith-filled people who follow God’s prompting without argument, and the love and mercy of God. Thank you Jesus.

Here is one quote that I absolutely love. I’m not exactly sure where it’s from but we say it in our family a lot.

God is seldom early, but He is never late.

Proven again.

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