Leaves, leaves, and more leaves

Today I worked hard around the house. Doing basic cleaning of the bathroom and my room. I also dragged myself outside and bagged a ton of leaves that have been building up in the backyard.

All last week it was nice and dry and I didn’t have enough time after work to get the job done before sunset. So after checking the forecast (which ended up faulty), I waited until today to do it. The only problem is that it drizzled a little bit on Friday evening and early Saturday morning. That meant that the leaves got nice and wet and muddy. Which meant that I got nice and muddy. I’m glad that I decided to put on my old work jeans and t-shirt.

There were a lot of them and we did quite a lot of bags all within 3 hours. I sure am going to feel it for the next few days. Oh well, at least I can think of it as a way of a free workout without having to pay gym fees!

Nov 13 Thankfulness. I’m thankful for Sundays. It’s the day I can catch up on all the work that needs to be done. Things that I’m way too busy for during the week. Perhaps we need two Sundays a week so we can get everything done?

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