I have been so incredibly busy that I have been forgetting to be grateful for the things I have and enjoy. If I don’t appreciate even the small things of life, how will I appreciate the big ones? I am an avid lurker reader of Tina over at Carrots ‘N’ Cake. She is blogging about being thankful for something different each day of November. I love the idea! So I am stealing borrowing the idea. For every day in November I am going to post something that I’m thankful for. Some days it will be a big item, and other days it might be a small supposedly insignificant thing. I missed yesterday, but I’ll give two for today. How’s that for making up lost time?

November 1. I am thankful for having a strong warm house to weather out the windy storm that came through. Tons of pine needles, oak leaves, and branches came down but luckily no one was hurt or any serious damage was done.

November 2. I am thankful for Answered Prayers! One of my coworker’s spouse was applying for a big promotion at his work and in spite of only working at the company for less than a year, he got it! This promotion will more than double his current salary. Way awesome God!

When I came home from work today, Mom was in bed with a flu. Hopefully I don’t get it! With Mom out of commission dinner was a fend-for-yourself deal. I popped a bag of popcorn, drizzled some butter over the top and added copious amounts of nutritional yeast to the mix. YUM! I also had a yummy apple and a Big Frank to round it all out. Oh, and since the one tasted SO good, I popped another bag of popcorn.

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